Bananas are on my list of favorite fruits to eat. I can eat a dozen or more bananas in a day. No… I am not joking. The taste of bananas is consistent and I like that about them.

I try to be organized and I like meal planning. At the beginning of each month, I already have an idea of what meals will look like over the next couple of weeks. Bananas are a staple in my monthly meal plan.

I buy dozens to begin each month. I always like to have a lot of bananas in my freezer. They are usually the base of my smoothies. And I make smoothies quite often.

But I like eating some of my bananas before freezing them. I like having the best of both worlds. Or maybe you could say eating the best of both worlds. Yes… I love bananas.

Recently I have started buying most of my bananas green. I still buy a few ripe. But I prefer to take most of them home while they are still green, so I can see them going through the stages. I eat some as they get ripe and I freeze the rest.

What I do not like is that they go bad very quickly after they have ripened. I don’t have time to be going to the farmers’ market twice per week or so. And I don’t want to be throwing away my bananas.

Buying most of my bananas green will keep them in my kitchen for quite a few days. But I just wish they would stay for more days without going bad after they have ripened.

I feel really good when I have visitors over and I have a large pile of ripe bananas in my kitchen. And most of my visitors always like eating them. They make the place look great and they are delicious and healthy.

The Trick…

So I have found a household and meal planning hack that will keep your ripe bananas on your counter longer. Use plastic wrap to cover the top of your bananas. This will keep them fresh a little longer, as the air won’t get to penetrate the open surface area and start breaking them down.

You can do this with both bananas and plantains. I am so happy to learn of this tip that keeps bananas fresh for longer, so I can enjoy them being in my kitchen for some more time.

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