Everyday life is filled with so much stress. But it is a relief to know that having a few houseplants in your home or indoor plants in your office can help you be a contented human.


There are so many things that cause us to be stressed out. Relationships with family and friends, work related issues, major life changes, being to business and sometimes our all or nothing attitude.


If you are experiencing memory problems, general unhappiness, withdrawal from others, eating way to much or way too little, or other mental or emotional health problems, maybe you suffering from stress or depression.


When we are going through phases of stress overload or depression, it can be very easy for us to try to alleviate stress by turning to unhealthy options.


A lot of people turn to cigarette smoking, alcohol and drugs for relaxation. Overeating is another common habit that most people end up having when trying to find a way out of stressful situations.


But creating your own little haven with stress relieving plants can be really helpful in controlling your stress levels. These plants create a relaxing atmosphere and ambiance that will help you to feel contented.


Science has proven that houseplants can increase memory retention, and the microbes in the plant soil can are natural anti depressants. These microbes can boost your mood, and help you to better handle life’s daily stress.


Here is a list of 10 houseplants for anxiety and stress:

Fiddle Leaf Fig



Tillandsia (Air Plants)

Spider Plant







As you can see, it is very good for you to have indoor plants. They not only create a beautiful environment, but also help to reduce stress levels and keep you healthy.

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