If you visit my house, you will think that I am big beer drinker. I always have some beer somewhere in my home. But nope… I do not drink beer.

I operate the same way with soda. And I am not referring to baking soda. I am talking about those fizzy drinks that most people like. I am not a soda drinker, but I do like having soda and beer among my cleaning stash! Yup I said that 🙂

I like cleaning with beer because it is not toxic to inhale. I am trying more and more to eliminate toxic chemicals from my home. That is simply the best way to go. And yes, beer is a very good cleaner. Here are just a few ways that beer can be used for cleaning:

Counter Cleaner

It is quite easy to use beer as an all- purpose counter cleaner. Just pour some beer in a spray bottle, spritz surface area and wipe with a cloth. You can also add a few drops of dish soap to the beer if you wish.

Toilet Bowl Sanitizer

Of course, beer is potent enough to help clean and sanitize your toilet bowl. When you want to get things looking clean in your bowl, pour in some beer, vinegar and baking soda. You can let it sit for a while, then use a toilet brush to swish things around. Flush away and enjoy your sanitized toilet bowl.

Air Freshener

This may be hard to believe, but yes, beer is a great air freshener. As I have already said, I like that beer is not toxic to inhale. So it is a better option than those toxic store- bought fresheners. Pour some beer in a spray bottle and add a few drops of essential oil. Then spritz your linen or just use as a room spray.

Cleaning Cuts And Wounds

This tip is common among most people who know a bit about first aid. If you have a fresh cut and do not have your preferred first aid essentials, use beer to clean the wound and eliminate germs.

Carpet Cleaner

Can cleaning with beer get any better here? If you have carpet stains, wet the area with some beer and use a cloth to rub. If the beer stays long enough to dry, it will leave it’s own stain. So add water before the beer dries up and rub with a clean cloth. You can repeat this until the stain is removed.

Toilet Brush Cleaner

Use beer as a disinfectant on your toilet brush. Add a little soap to the beer and pour in the toilet brush container. You could also pour this mixture in your toilet bowl, and clean both your bowl and brush in one go.

If you are up to trying something new, keep some beer among your cleaning stash and try one of these hacks. Or all of them 🙂 Remember, it is a good alternative to toxic air fresheners and cleaners.


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