I know… Keeping dust under control is such a daunting task. The battle with dust is inevitable, but there are some things you can do to help reduce the amount of dust in your home.

The Shower Cap Trick And Shoes Trick

Maintenance people like plumbers , hate to remove their shoes when entering our homes. Yuck! But there is a way to fix that. Keep a pack of cheap shower caps. Give these to the cable guys and the plumber to put over their shoes when they come to your home. These will fit almost any shoes size, and will keep your home clean.

Brush Your Pet

Our darling furr babies are largely responsible for the amount of dust in our homes at times. Their beautiful coat of hair traps dust and they sprinkle all that stuff wherever they go in the house. So make sure to brush your pets often to help rid them of the dust trapped in the coats.

Take Off Shoes

This is one thing that a lot of people find hard to do. But it is one of the basic ways to reduce dust in our homes. Shoes from outside will bring inside the dust. So make sure to get in the habit of removing your shoes before you enter your home.

Get Rid Of Rugs

Rugs are cozy and make our homes pretty. But they are very hard work to maintain. Rugs will trap the dust in your home and give you way more work to keep them dust free. So eliminate or evaluate the amount of rugs in your home.

Use Mats At Your Doorway

You can opt to place a dust mat at the entrance of your home. Shoes and feet can dusted off there. This will eliminate some of the dust from entering if shoes from outside are being worn in your home.

Give Visitors A Pair Of Socks

If you are having visitors over for a few hours or so, give them each a pair of socks. This will encourage them to remove their shoes and you won’t have to deal with the dust that their shoes would have taken in your home.

Have A Dusting/Cleaning Routine Or Schedule

A practical dusting or cleaning routine is important to keeping your home dust free. Or as dust free as possible. A schedule will keep you on track, and remind of what needs dusting or cleaning each day, week or month.

Reconsider The Carpet

Are you sure that carpet is worth all the work. Your carpet might be the biggest culprit for making your home a dust hub. I know… Carpets are really nice and can make our homes beautiful. But measure the pros and the cons.

Use Screen Doors

I prefer to have mesh screens at least on my windows. Mesh screens save me a lot of time invested in dusting. You can also use mesh doors at the entrances to your home. These can really be good at prevent a lot of dust from entering your home.

Different Shoes For Indoors And Outdoors

Again, this one requires some discipline. If you must wear shoes indoors, do not wear the same pair outside. Leave a pair of outdoor shoes near to your door. This will make it easy for you to switch between your indoor and outdoor shoes.

Well… These tips are some of favorite ways to reduce dust in my home. If you are having a battle with dust in your home, these tips should be of help in reducing the amount of dust in your home.

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