I am all about using natural household items for cleaning and most other home and garden related tasks and projects. I don’t only want to create a beautiful home. I also want to create a safe and non- toxic home environment.So, I have been dabbling with essential oils for quite a while.

Essential oils can be used for physical ailments, but they make great home and garden products too. Essential oils can be used to treat a scalp problem, as well as make an air freshener. Here are some ways that  you could make use of essential oils in your home:

1. Pillow Fragrance

Want your house guests to think you are the best host ever? Put a drop of essential oil inside the pillow case. When your guest lay down on the pillow, they will smell that sweet fragrance.

2. Repel Bugs

Use essential oils to make a bug spray and eliminate bugs instantly. You could also make a mason jar luminary to repel mosquitoes when your are spending time outdoors on a warm summer evening.

3. Fragrant Bathroom

I like a nice smelling bathroom. It means a lot to me and does a lot for my integrity 🙂 A trick I learnt to help with this is to put a drop of essential oil in the middle of your tissue roll. It is quite an unexpected place to be getting a nice fragrance from.

4. Air Freshener

I think I am done buying air fresheners in the stores. I feel guilty using them. Recently, I made an air freshener with essential oils and water. And it smelled so wonderful. I also added some flowers to bottle and it looked so beautiful.

5. The Napkin Trick

I love making my guests and visitors happy. And I find myself hosting quite a lot. A trick I found out recently is putting a few drops of essential oil in your pack of napkins. If you have napkins on a roll, put a drop of essential oil in the middle.

6. Great Smelling Cleaning Agents

I do not like cleaning with bad smelling cleaning agents. It is like getting one thing done by sanitizing, but helping myself down by making my house smell disgusting. I like cleaning with vinegar, but it smells awful. But combining vinegar with a few drops of essential oil makes a big difference.

7. Potpourri

If you are going to have guest over, make a nice simmer pot or potpourri. This will make your house smell so wonderful and inviting all day. Put it some sweet smelling fruits like oranges, lemons or apples. And add some essential oils. Also add some herbs like thyme, rosemary and mint. Seriously, can’t you already smell those flavors?

I could go on and on about all the things we could do with essential oils. But I have to stop somewhere… Right? Essential oils are on my list of favorite all- purpose household items. I have a good pile of them 🙂 Make sure to try out one of these cleaning and household tricks with essential oils.

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