When I started writing viral articles last year, I realized I didn’t need a ton load of articles to make a living blogging. What I needed was viral articles. And when I came to that understanding my pageviews started skyrocketing… One blog post even got over 20000 visitors in one day.

That is the result of writing viral content.

I’m a scratched disc, replaying the same part of the song! But I will spare you the details… You can read my story here about how blogging became my full- time job last year, and about how I was a broke stay at home wife whom everyone thought needed to get a life.

knowing the content types that had the ability to go viral, then writing the content made the difference for me.

But I had to learn how to do just that…

1.Find Out What Is Viral And Combine It With Your Niche

2. Find Out What’s Popular In Your Niche

3. Solve A Problem

4. Make Use Of Pinterest Virals

5. Stand Out By Being Different

6.  Repeat Your Success

7.  Search What’s Popular On Pinterest

8.  Check Facebook Pages For What’s Viral

9. Learn About The Videos People Are Watching

10. Use  Softwares To Find Out What Is Viral. 

11. Get Your Title Game Together

12. Put Your Photos To Work


It’s not as complicated as the list may look!

My Free Simply Blogging Course will give you the details, and I guide you along.

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Also, join my Facebook Support group for help with tech stuff and more, and to let me know you are on board with this challenge!

Happy Blogging 🙂

P.S. Here’s one of my favourite blogs I created in 2018… Cottage Notes


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