Before 2018, I was just a stay at home wife with no real income. Most people around me thought I was just a time waster. Now, I still spend my days at home. But I am getting the bills paid by blogging. In 2018, I didn’t only create a successful career out of blogging, I also gave my hubby the opportunity to leave his corporate job and become a successful blogger too. We have also been able to afford to live in a beautiful home and community with our blogging income.

I knew all along that this could be my reality. But I still have to pinch myself to make sure that I am not dreaming. So, 2018 was the year that I experimented with blogging to see if it was going to give me a consistent income to take care of our expenses. And at the beginning of 2019, I could safely and confidently say that blogging is what I will continue to do. It is now my full- time job.

I know that you might have heard about some of what I will tell you about. But I have quite a lot to share with you that I do not see floating around the web and that I would have loved if I knew about when I started out blogging.

This article won’t be about how to set up your Pinterest account and join group boards. These steps are important. But I know they are all over the internet already.

Of course, my success came with the help of a couple of resources including Pinterest. It is a free platform and the traffic will continue for a long time if you have evergreen content.

But I also made sure to write viral content. This is very important, as you need to have content that a lot of people are interested in so that your articles will get shared by many people.

You need to know what to write about…

This was one of my biggest set backs when I started blogging. It was when I started writing about the right things that I started seeing success.

There are many topics that you can write about. But whatever the topic you choose, you need to give solutions to very common problems. For instance, if you are writing about travel, maybe you could write an article about which days of the week and what time of day to get the cheapest plane tickets.

If you are a mommy blogger, you could write about how to heal quickly after delivery.

If you are a gardening blogger, you could write about plants that will improve insomnia.

If you are a food blogger, you could write about kitchen and food hacks to make cooking easier.

These are just some examples of the type of content that attract a lot of people.

The titles do matter too…

No one will know how great your article is if you do not have a great title. If you have a title that says ‘Green Tea Will Make Your Plants Grow Faster,’ it would spark some interest. But a title that says ‘Pour Green Tea On Your Plants And See What Happens Next,’ would definitely spark way more interest. So write titles that make readers anxious to get the information. You need to do this with your post titles on your blog and also your pins on Pinterest.

Steps to take to start making money blogging:

*Create a business Pinterest profile and pin daily or as much as possible.

*Create your blog and write about 15 blog posts that people will want to read and share.

*Join group boards on Pinterest.

*Create attractive blog pins and share them on Pinterest in group boards and your own boards.

*Join Google Adsense and put ads on your blog.

*Be consistent with pinning and try to build at least 5 viral pins. These will send a lot of people to your blog.


I do not want to ware you out with too much information all at once. So I will be publishing other articles with details on each step you need to take.

I am so happy I started my journey at the time I did. I am really thanking myself now. And of course I thank God too, as it is all possible because of Him.

Now, get blogging 🙂 2019 will be over in the wink of an eye. And I would love to be celebrating your blog success with you a few months from now.

I recently created this blog, as I am hoping to help other women to achieve their dream of spending their days at home while earning a substantial income. Cottage Notes is a successful blog of mine that I created in 2019. But  this blog, Homespun Diaries will be dedicated to helping you to create your dream life by blogging at home.

Stay tuned if this is your dream too. I will be happy to meet you and help you along.


  1. Kimberly Makle Reply

    I really want to start blogging, but don’t have a clue on how to get started…I would love to meet you and learn how your story began.

    • Homespun Diaries Reply

      Hi Kimberly 🙂 So nice to hear from you!

      I will be creating a free blogging course over the next few days. This will help you to get started.

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