I have had my good ol’ cast iron skillet for about five years. I just loved the look of it when I first saw it. And I knew I wanted it in my kitchen. I think it was definitely love at first site.

But I started neglecting my beloved cast iron skillet. I didn’t know how to properly care for it. However, I did not give up on my love, as I started researching and finding ways to revive it and maintain. I am going to share one of these ways with you today.

You have to be very careful when cleaning your cast iron skillet. You can easily damage it. A trick I found to clean my cast iron skillet is to use foil wrap to clean it up.

Here is what you will need… A tong will come in handy for holding the foil wrap. I also used a sprinkle of very refined baking soda. And some oil to keep things moist.

You don’t want the tong to cause any damage to your cast iron skillet if it accidentally touches it in the process. So wrap the ends of the tong with foil wrap. Use a double layer of foil wrap for this. However, the tong is only mean for hold the foil wrap in place. It should not be touching your cast iron skillet.

Next… You will need to set up your foil wrap scouring ball. Use a generous amount of foil wrap and scrunch to make a ball. This is what you will be using to clean your cast iron skillet.

Cleaning Your Cast Iron Skillet… Sprinkle some baking soda and oil in your skillet. Then use the tong to hold your foil wrap scouring ball in place, and swipe around your cast iron skillet. This should remove stuck on food from your pot.

Remember to be very gentle, as you don’t want to damage your cast iron skillet. I finished up by using water to wash of the baking soda. Then I used a bit of mild soap to sanitize my pot.

It is not advised to use harsh soaps and chemicals to clean your cast iron pot. The harsh soaps and chemicals will strip it of the seasoned coating. And that it what you want to avoid when cleaning your cast iron skillet.

I liked using this method to clean up my good ol’ cast iron skillet. My pot got no damage, and it got cleaned up pretty well. Also, you can opt to not use the tong and just use your hand to hold the foil wrap scouring ball in place to clean your skillet.


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