My faithful little iron is one of the items that I should probably be cleaning at least on a weekly basis. It gets used quite a bit much lately. But I tend to always end up cleaning it only when it gets bad.

I have know of some easy ways to clean my iron for quite some time now. But I am always up for adding a new and helpful clean tip or hack to my portfolio. I really do like having options! Don’t you too?

So I experimented with cleaning my very very very very dirty iron face with salt. Yes, that is the same salt in my kitchen and yours too. Yes it did work. And now I am happy to share how to clean your dirty iron face with salt.

Salt is an abrasive. So instead of using scotch brite or some other cleaning tool to scour your iron face, you can use salt to do the scouring. The salt will remove the stubborn stains on your iron face and get it looking shiny.

Here is what you will need… I used some old cardboard to put the salt on. But some other type of thick paper that won’t melt can work too. Your iron board or a table. Whichever one you choose to use should be very sturdy.

Setting up your cleaning station… Place the cardboard or paper on top of your iron board or table. Lay it nicely leaving no wrinkles. Then pour a about a cup or so of salt on top. Spread the salt over the surface.

Next… Rub your iron over the salt. You might need to apply some strength depending on how dirty your iron face. Make the same motion like when you are iron a fabric. Try to work as neat as possible to avoid salt getting into your iron. Repeat this until your iron face is clean.

You can use this cleaning method while your iron is hot or without heating it at all. I tried it both ways. So I heated it to the highest temperature and I also used this same cleaning method without heating up my iron. It worked both ways.

I have found this to be a good way to clean my dirty iron face. My iron has not stopped working. So I consider it a safe cleaning tip and method for my iron. Try at your own risk 🙂


Salt is not something I use a lot in my food adventures. But I do like it as a cleaning agent and to repel insects and bugs. Now I am also loving it as a cleaner for my dirty iron face.


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