I remember how I felt when I collected my first payment from Google Adsense in March of 2017. It was only about $100, but I was grateful. I finally got money in my hands from blogging! I could now tell everyone who thought I was crazy for wanting to be a blogger, that Google sent me a payment 🙂

I didn’t have much traffic yet, but Google Adsense proved to me that blogging was worth it.

In the December of that same year, I earned over $900 with Adsense. And my earnings continued to increase with Adsense. However, there are better paying ad networks that I am a part of now, but you’ll need a lot of pageviews to get into those.

After I started earning good money with Adsense, my hubby got into Adsense too, and my nephew got in with only 10 articles. And in January 2019, my 67 Y.O. mom got accepted too!

I’ve heard a lot of people say you need dozens of articles to get accepted in Adsense, but I have proven that to be not quite so for a number of times now.

So I’m sharing with you the blueprint that I know works for getting accepted into Google Adsense.

  1. Having just a decent amount of content.
  2. Having the right type of content.
  3. Aging your blog and having the required sections.
  4. Having the right article length.

It might be a bit of a challenge, but defintely not too much of an impossible task.

My Free Simply Blogging Course will give you the details about getting into Google Adsense and much more.

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Happy Blogging ?

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