Before I figured out how to start making a living blogging at home in 2018, I was missing out on a lot of free traffic from Pinterest. I always heard bloggers saying that Pinterest gives them the most traffic, but just couldn’t get my head around.

Fast forward to 2018, I got my Pinterest game on, and started to see massive free traffic from Pinterest. Imagine getting over 27000 blog visitors in one day from Pinterest alone. I was blown away.

I finally figured out how to use Pinterest, and could watch my live Google Analytics stats as my traffic and income grew.

Understanding How Pinterest Traffic Is Generated

Making Viral Pins

Have A Profile Building Pinning Ratio

Being Consistent

New Pins And Content

Use Pinterest Analytics For Optimization

Group Boards For Building Pins

Network With Other Pinners 

Taking Advantage Of Two Pinterest Accounts

Avoid Getting Hit For Spamming.

Knowing The Best Times To Pin

Getting Followers Fast

Putting Pins In Articles

Multiple Pins Per Article

Building Viral Pins

Whew! That sure looks like a lot, right?

I didn’t always plan on teaching other bloggers, but I’m starting to feel better sharing and helping others. So I’m making time to share with you the tips that changed my world and helped me to start making money blogging although I had no money. Other bloggers helped me on my journey, so I am happy to know I can be of help to someone too.

My Free Simply Blogging Course will give you the details about all these aspects of getting free traffic from Pinterest, and I will guide you along.

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Happy Blogging 🙂

P.S. Here’s one of my favourite blogs I created in 2018… Cottage Notes

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