Yes, I said that! I made over $500 in  one month with a brand new blog. When my world changed in 2018 because I finally found out how to launch a blog and make a living blogging, I decided to create other blogs to keep testing my blueprint to see if it would keep working, and also to have blogs in different niches (you won’t have to do this too 🙂 ). The second blog I tried my formula with made over $500 in it’s first month of life on the internet.

This is what I call jump-starting a blog.

One of the things that made that blog successful in it’s first month of existence was the fact that I understood how to quickly set it up, and get it going. Once I had my blog up and running, I put content on it that I knew would go viral as long as it gets put in front of people.

So I found out what people wanted to read, set up a blog in little time, put viral content on the blog, and get in front of people on Pinterest. And no I didn’t have a smorgasboard of blog posts.

I have come to realize that what holds back bloggers on their journey to making money with their efforts, is not being able to get over the hurdle of quickly setting up a blog, putting viral content on it, and getting in front of people.

The steps in jump-starting your blog don’t have to be that complicated though…

Get Domain And Hosting
Install WordPress
Blog Layout And Design Set Up
Install Plugins
Create Necessary Blog Sections/Pages
Write Content That I Have Seen Gone Viral Already 
Get Infront Of The Right People

I had my blog set up with plugins, design, the necessary sections, viral content, and got in front of the right audience in about one week. I was already a part of an ad network, so I got to put ads on the blog as soon as some traffic started rolling in. And then it was take off time 🙂

Everyone is at a different stage on their journey to making money blogging, but you certainly don’t have to wait a year to start seeing rewards for your efforts.  You can make a jump-start of some sort too…

In my free Simply Blogging Course, I get into details about each step I took, so you can be on your way too.

You can get access to the course here. Also, join the Simply Blogging Facebook Support Group, and let me know you’re taking this challenge and ask me your questions.

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