I am always wanting my herbs and vegetables last for as long as they can. I buy a lot of herbs and vegetables, and I lose a lot of my stash if I am not careful.

So I am always glad to learn of a new way to make my herbs and veggies last longer. I not only want to save my food. I also want to save money and not make a waste.

So I have learnt a new trick to make my celery last longer. Sure I could chop them and freeze. But I prefer my not freeze my celery.

The Details…

Air is one of the culprits that make your veggies and herbs go bad quickly. So you want to avoid too much air touching them after you have cut them.


The temperature in the fridge keeps them longer than if they weren’t in the fridge at all. But it can also be hard on them in that environment. So you kind of need to provide a blanket that protects them in the fridge.

After cutting your herbs and veggies, the created surface area gives way for the air and elements to start penetrating them and cause them to start breaking down.

The Trick…

The tip here is to cover the ends of your celery with foil wrap. The celery still needs to get some air. But the ends or exposed surface areas after cutting needs to be covered to avoid air from penetrating.

Foil wrap is a very good option. As it will get and keep a cool temperature. Because it is covering and touching the celery, it provides a cool but not too harsh blanket. I allows just enough air to get in, but not too much. Make sure to chop off all brown edges before wrapping.

Keep wrapping your celery every time you take it out of the fridge to use some. And remember not to keep it out of the fridge very long if you don’t intend to use it up at once.

This should help your celery to keep a few days or even a week longer. I love this tip and I am glad that I am now able to keep my celery longer than before.

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