Lesson 2: Writing Viral Content

Writing Viral Content

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Note: If there are steps in this guide you don’t understand how to do, there is a guide in the Simply Blogging Support Group on Facebook with resources that will help and break things down in each step you take.

Writing viral content is key to getting people to read your blog. Having access to an audience is only one part of the equation, while having content that grabs attention is the other part to it.

But it’s not always easy to know what type of content have the ability to go viral. So here are some ways in which you can figure out what’s viral in your niche, and how to write viral content.

1.Find Out What Is viral And Combine It With Your Niche.

Before you decide what to write about, find out what topics people are reading. These topics don’t have to be in your niche, but a good hack is to fit it in with your niche.

For example, if I am writing about travel, and I realize that budgeting is a popular topic, I would do an article about How To Visit Paris On A Low Budget. Paris is a popular travel destination, and budgeting is absolutely popular too.

So, I’ll make sure to put a popular topic with my niche/topic.


2. Find Out What’s Popular In Your Niche

When you have chosen a niche, it’s best to do your research and find out what people are searching for. I don’t recommend that you just keep writing what you feel like, if you want to make money blogging. It’s okay to write within your niche, but focus on the popular topics in your niche.


3. Solve A Problem

People have challenges and problems. And readers are always happy to find a solution or a different way to get things done. So, within your niche, find out what challenges people are having the most, and provide them the solution.


4. Pinterest Virals

Whenever a third party (not your own blog pin) pin gets good repins on your Pinterest account, make note of it, and do a similar article to that. Make a list of third party pins that gets repinned when you pin them.


5. Stand Out By Being Different

If I was a food blogger, maybe I’d do a flourless chocolate cake. Because chocolate cake is a popular cake, and people would want to know how on earth can chocolate cake be flourless.


6.  Repeat Your Success

When an article goes viral for you, keep writing the same type of content. For example, if I am writing about living a good life on a low budget, and a post about buying cheap groceries went viral, I would also write how I cut my grocery bill in half.


7.  Search What’s Popular On Pinterest

Type in a search for your niche on Pinterest to see what is popular. Check the repin counts on the individual pins, and then write similar content to those that get over 1000 repins.

8.  Check Facebook Pages For What’s Viral

Whatever niche you are in, find Facebook pages with a lot of followers, see what they are posting, and what gets shared a lot. You want to be writing similar content like those that get shared a lot.


9. Learn About The Videos People Are Watching

If a video is viral on Youtube, there is great possibilty that similar content in article format would go viral too. So go on Youtube and see which videos are getting over a million views in your niche. For some niche, you’ll need a similar photo for your article to that of the Youtube video thumbnail. Sometimes, it’s the thumbnail that attracts people.


10. Use  Softwares To Find Out What Is Viral. 

There are some handy softwares that can help you to find out what people are searching for, or even how well content types and topics are doing. Here are some great softwares:

VidIQ Extension For Chrome- For stats and information on Youtube videos.

Google Keyword Tool- Keyword Research & Strategy with Keyword Planner

Keywords Everywhere- Search volume, CPC & competition data

* The links for these softwares are in the Directory Of Useful Resources in my Facebook Support Group.


11. Get Your Title Game Together

Your blog post title matters as much as the content of your blog post. Even if you don’t have great content in your article, you can still get people to click on your article with a captivating headline. Sure, we do blog with integrity. So your articles wil be great. But make sure to write titles that are compelling.

One type of title style that captures interests include numbers. Like ’10 Ways To Build A House On A Low Budget’. I’m sure you’d click on that more readily, than ‘How To Build A House On A Low Budget’.

Another type is a title that sparks interest, but leaves the reader in suspense. The reader will want to click and read the article to see the outcome. For example, ‘Dip Your Mug In A Bowl Of Water & Nail Polish & See What Happens’. You’re simply talking about DIY Marble Mug, but you’re sparking some interest!

If you’re doing travel, ‘Buy Your Plane Tickets For Paris At 8 PM … Here’s Why’. You’re simply going to tell the best time of day to buy plane tickets for the cheapest rates.

There are more ways to write titles that rock, but these do the job quite well.


12. Your Photos Matter

In some cases, a photo is simply the reason why an article goes viral. So depending on the nature of your article, use a photo that sparks interest. You can use your own photos, and you can also use photos from free photo sites like Pexels, Creative Commons and Pixabay.


The next lesson will be about putting your content on Pinterest and getting free traffic .

Remember to go to the Facebook Support Group to find help in the Directory Of Useful Resources. The softwares and resources mentioned in this lesson are linked in this Facebook group. Also, if you don’t see something you would want help with there, leave your question on that thread and we’ll take it from there.

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