I am blown away with finding out about the smart ways that kool- aid can be used around the house. I just cannot believe that such a simple product in my kitchen can do so many things.

It is good to know that I can use it in so many ways. I like when items in my kitchen and my household in general, have multiple uses. That makes life way easier.

Kool- aid is a staple in most households. Most people use it to make refreshing drinks. But now I am learning that it is used for not only making nice drinks, but cleaning, dying household items and for fragrance too.

Kool- aid is made up of grains. So it can be classified as an abrasive. It is like a very refined sand paper that can be used on things that are delicate. Or maybe you can see it as very refined and fragrant baking soda! Somewhat…?

When using kool- aid for cleaning, it is best to use one that is citrus flavored. It is the citric acid that will do the work. This will dissolve and break down stains, gunk and other build up in your household items.

Kool- aid is also non- toxic. And you want to be using non- toxic household cleaning agents in your home. The toxic chemicals are some of the culprits making us sick. So kool- aid is a good non- toxic cleaning alternative.

It is also very fragrant. So you won’t have to worry about kool- aid leaving a bad odor behind. I find it annoying when I use some cleaning agents and they leave behind a bad odor. Kool- will make your home smell wonderful.

Toilet Cleaner

Kool aid is good bathroom cleaner. You can use it to clean your bowl and your tank. The abrasive grains and citric acid in citrus kool- aids will help to break down stains. Pour in some kool- aid and scour with your brush or preferred cleaning tool. Make sure to wash away the kool- aid colored water when you are through to avoid the kool- aid from dying your fixtures.

Some other household uses for kool- aid include:

  1. Clean rust stains from concrete

  2. Clean Dishwasher

  3. Check For Toilet Tank Leaks

  4. Make Flavored Lip Gloss

  5. Make Scented Play Dough

  6. Dye All- Natural Yarn

  7. Clean Washing Machine

Yes, I know… Unbelievable! Kool- aid is such a versatile household item. However, remember not to use it on other household items that might get stained. Or make sure to clean up all kool- aid residue before it dries up and leaves set in stains.


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