Lesson 4: Getting Accepted In Google Adsense

Getting Accepted In Google Adsense

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Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows bloggers (and other publishers), to make money by putting ads on their blogs. You get paid when people view or click the ads on your blog.

There are many different ways to monetize your blog. But we’ll be covering Google Adsense in this lesson. This is one of the easiest ad networks to get into if your blog is new, and not getting a lot of pageviews. The tips I’ll give you for getting into Google Adsense are not directly from Adsense, but a blueprint I’ve followed, and have seen it work for quite a number of people who have followed it also.

  1. Have at least 10- 15 articles on your blog. These should not be posts that only have a list that links to other blogs for the actual content.

2. Your articles need to be substantial, and have at least 500- 700 words. For the articles you used to jump-start your blog that may have fewer words, you can edit these and add more words. The 500- 700 words is not a requirement stated by Google Adsense, but I’ve seen people turned down because of articles not having enough content. Also, I’ve helped quite a number of people get into Google Adsense with 500-700 words per article. After you get into Adsense, you can go back to writing shorter articles.

3. Wait until your blog is at least 3 weeks old before applying to Adsense. You will be aging your blog, and also giving yourself time to write articles, and start getting some amount of traffic.

4. Make sure to have an about page, a contact page, a navigation/menu bar and a GDPR privacy policy. Also, you want to make sure you have a site title/logo, and that your website design is neat.

5. Edit your articles, and correct any grammatical, or punctation errors. We all make these mistakes. But make sure to go over your articles and pages before applying to Adsense to correct these errors. Some publishers get turned down because of this.

6. Try to start getting at least 50- 100 blog visitors before applying. Adsense does not state a minimum traffic requirement, but it won’t make any sense putting ads on a site that no one is reading.

7. Your articles also need to be original content. Do not use content from another. This will cause your application to be declined.

Google Adsense isn’t hard to get into. But you’ll need to have these things done on your blog before applying.

You can go to the Facebook Support Group to find help in the Directory Of Useful Resources. Also, if you don’t see something you would want help with there, leave your question on that thread and we’ll take it from there.

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