Although I am trapped in a modern world, I like to make use of old fashioned house cleaning ideas and household hints from the days of World War 2. I mean, Grandma’s household tips are usually the most handy tips for life, and I also love the idea of vintage homemaking and ‘make do and mend!’ Who knew an onion could help with cleaning and household chores?

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World War 2 affected families in so many different ways. Families had to use frugal ways and learn to survive on the home front. Cooking still needed to be done, clothes needed mending and homes had to be kept clean just the same.

Life was simply happening, and people had to find ways to maintain their homes. Families and housewives had to learn to make do and mend, as rationing was the order of the day.

Most houshold and kitchen items had to be used for multiple purposes. There wasn’t money to buy things in abundance. And even if there was money, most things became scarce commodity in the days of World War 2.

Cleaning and maintaining things around the home was important. However, kitchen and food items were regularly used to help with the cleaning. Onion was one such versatile pantry item that had many uses.

Onions add delicious flavour to meals. But they are not only good for cooking. Onions maybe used for health and beauty purposes, cleaning and for other random purposes like polishing metals. Here are a few more ways that our great- grand and grandmothers made use of onions in the days of World War 2.

An onion can be used to sooth a sting. Cut an onion and apply it to the affected area. Also, you can diminish acne pimples by washing your face with a mixture of water and crushed onion.

If you are having ants taking over your home, or maybe just a section, some  onion slices can give your unwelcomed tennants (those ants) the proper notice to get going! Just place a bowl with onion slices in the area where the ants like to visit, and that should keep them away.

If you don’t know what to do with a rusty knife, cut into a raw onion several times. This will help to get rid of the rust. You can also use an onion to clean grills by using and onion to scrub until clean.

Want to know how to fix a pot of burnt rice the next time that happens? Place a half of an onion on the top of the rice in the pot. The onion will absorb the unpleasant burnt taste.

Cleaning the old fashioned way and vintage household hints help me to keep my home clean and well maintained. Or at least, they help me to fake a clean house when I don’t have time for cleaning!

So I will be sharing a lot more tips that I use and also continue to share as I learn about how families kept their homes in tact during the days of world war 2.

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