I normally don’t like cleaning pipes, taps and faucets. But these things have to be cleaned. Right? Water comes from these fixtures, so I simply have to clean them.

I think it is the crevices that get me frustrated, and how easily these fixtures can get smeared and look dirty. But now I have found an easy way to clean them up without too much heartache. I found the perfect lemon/lime and salt cleaning hack that will make your faucets shiny.

Lemon and limes are great cleaning agents. They sanitize and help with odor to keep things fresh. They are great whiteners too. So I usually pick up some when I go to the market, as I love having them in my home.

In this cleaning hack, I used a medium sized lime and some salt. The salt in this process, acts as an abrasive. While the lime is softening stuck on stains and residue, the salt grains, like sandpaper, scour away stubborn stains and makes things look shiny and new.

All you will need for this is a lemon/lime and some salt. Lemon and lime have the same properties. So you can choose to use anyone. I used a lime. If you will be using lime too, it is best to get a medium sized one.

This how you set up your lemon/lime… I like softening up my lime/lemon so the juice inside gets freed up a bit. To make this happen, I roll the lime/lemon on the kitchen counter under my palm until it feels soft.

Next… Cut off the top of the lemon/lime. Please note that you aren’t cutting it in halves. Just slice off the top of your lime/lemon for some surface area. Make an X cut through the lime/lemon. But not all the way through- about halfway down. Then fill with salt.

Use the lemon/lime and salt to clean your faucets. Hold the fixture in place and scour away. You can squeeze the lemon/lime while scouring. If you need to add more salt along the way, feel free to so. Remember, the salt is the sour agent and the lemon is softening up stuck on stains and doing some sanitizing.

Things will get pretty messy while you are scouring away. So just use a wet sponge or cloth to clean things up. Finally, use a dry cleaning cloth to dry your faucets and make them shiny. The cloth should get rid of smears and any residue of lime/lemon and salt.

When I discovered this cleaning hack to make my faucets clean and shiny, I was absolutely blown away. I am not so hesitant about cleaning my pipes and faucets anymore. I hope you will like this cleaning hack too!


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