My hubby got to quit his job, he became a blogger too, and we got to start living in a nice home. Those were only dreams for me before 2018, but now they are a part of my reality.

I have since created multipe income generating blogs. Cottage Notes is one of my favourites, and I have recently created this blog, Homespun Diaries, to share and help others to create their dream lives blogging at home too.

I had learnt about blogging sometime in 2012/2013, and I started trying to monetize in 2015. But my breakthrough didn’t start happening until late 2017. And 2018 was the year that confirmed my blogging success.

Over the years, I was so confused about what direction to take to make a living blogging. All these bloggers had the tips, tutorials and courses. But the actual simplified steps to take in an order to create a career blogging wasn’t so clear to me. I had to be piecing things together.

Also, I was a broke stay at home wife with no real income. So taking expensive courses was just not an option for me.

I had to make blogging work without breaking the bank… And that’s just what I did.

In 2017, I put together a couple of tips I learnt from quite a number of bloggers, and some I discovered on my own. I created a formula, and started applying it in October 2017. And in December 2017, I made over $900 with my blog. The sky was the limit from there onwards, as my income continued to increase, and I started making a real living blogging.

If I had a formula like that all along, I would have been blogging full-time a long time ago.

I didn’t always think I would be sharing my story, but I see so many people who are in the position I was in, and would be happy to have a simple and practical guide to start earning money blogging without breaking the bank.

So, I have made a promise to make this year (2019), a year of sharing and helping you to create your dream life blogging at home too.

The Steps I Took To Start Making A Living Blogging At Home

Making A Plan

Create & Set Up My Blog

Write Blog Posts That Attract People & Use Compelling Photos

This was the game changer for me. I didn’t start making good money blogging until I figured out what and how to write. Even if you have access to a lot of traffic, people won’t read what you write if you don’t write the right things 🙂

Build A Traffic Generating Pinterest Profile & Taking Advantage Of Pinterest Free Traffic

Create Compelling Pins On Pinterest, Pin At The Right Time, & Develop A Pinterest Strategy

Get Into Adsense (Then Other Ad Networks)

Set Up My High Performing Articles For Maximum Monetization

Do Weekly Optimization On My Blog

Get Traffic From Other Sources 

Create An Email List

Don’t start worrying now! I will walk you through the steps day by day 🙂

I have given you an overview of the steps to take and what I will be teaching you. So we will be going through each step day by day together. There will also be assignments for each step you take.

One of the best tips I can give you about starting a profitable blog is to simply start, and keep going. You don’t always get to see the full road ahead when you are driving, but you’ll get to your destination as long as you know where you want to go, and keep driving. The same goes for blogging…

If you will be joining this challenge to create your dream life blogging at home, do let me know by commenting below and joining the Facebook Support Group I have created for helping each other  on your journey.

Having a plan is the best way to start your profitable blogging journey. You won’t have it all planned out, but having a plan will help you to keep on track.


Your first assignment is to download my free Planning My Blog printable planner. This will help you to organize your initial blogging ideas. Feel free to make a post and upload it to the Facebook Group if you want. It could be an inspiration for others 🙂

You can check back daily for updates and new lessons in this blogging course/series here on the blog.


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